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Roadside Assistance and Recovery in Hampshire and Surrey

JD Motors operate a 24 hour Control Room which is manned with experienced staff to receive incident information from motoring organisations, the public, Hampshire Constabulary and Surrey Police to provide rescue and recovery services as required.

  • How we work with motoring organisations and the police: Incident data is passed directly into our control room computer system with a pinpointed location, we then combine this data with our rescue vehicle tracking facilities which enables us to allocate the appropriate resources to provide a rapid response at a distressing time.

The Fleet

JD Motors run a large fleet of roadside and recovery vehicles which can usually attend an incident or breakdown within 45 minutes with the equipment to tackle any task

  • Two Roadside Assistance vans fitted with RDT – These vans are driven by skilled technicians and equipped with the latest diagnsotics machines and other tools to assist stranded motorists on the roadside quick. Our technicians have accomplished an 85% roadside fix rate, meaning the majority of vehicle they attend are fixed on the roadside. If our technicians are unable to fix a vehicle on the roadside then these vans are also fitted with an RDT (Rapid Deployment Trailer) which is used to recovery most vehicles. If a vehicle has broken down in a dangerous location then these vans also have a tow-pole which is used to quickly pull vehicles to a safe location to enable our technician to work on the vehicle is a safe place, keeping the motorist safe aswell.
  • Six Slidebeds – Our recovery vehicles are fitted with “slidebed” bodies which means the entire platform of the truck slide off to enable us to recover any car with ease.
  • Two fully-demountable slidebeds –  These platforms lie nearly completely to the floor, which helps us assist with loading very low high-performance vehicles without the risk of causing damage to the bumpers.
  • Five Commercial slidebeds – This enables us to fully lift and transport all large vans on our slidebed bodies up to 6.5tonne GVW
  • Accident Unit with Lorry Loader Crane – This vehicle is fitted with all necessary equipment to tackle any Road Traffic Collision, it is fitted with a lorry loader crane to recover any vehicle that has left the road, fallen down an embankment, or climbed a tree – basically, this vehicle has never been defeated.
  • Two 4×4 assist  – These vehicles are made to go off road and have the necessary equipment to help any vehicle which is in a sticky situation, they are also used in severe weather conditions (snow) resucing motorists that lose traction.
  • Heavy Vehicle Underlift – This is a 32tonne giant, designed to tow the largest of vehicles on the UK roads. It is also fitted with a recovery top boom which is used in dealing with commercial Road Traffic Collisions.
  • 6×6 Foden – This specialist mobile crane vehicle is an ex-MOD off road rescue vehicle. Designed and used by the MOD to assist other MOD vehicles (including tanks) which get stranded on the battlefield. We now use this amazing piece of equipment to rescue commercial vehicles which find themselves stuck in muddy field, down ditched or been involved in a Road Traffic Collision where a large vehicle has either overturned or become to challenging for a normal heavy recovery vehicle to deal with.

In order to comply with every breakdown organisations’ exacting standards we have Quality Assurance Certification in the form of ISO 9001, PAS 43 and NHSS17 accreditation. We are members of the trade body Institute of Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Storage

Our facilities in Alton can store 80 vehicles inside and 60 vehicles outside

If we have recovered your vehicle on behalf of the Police, then we will carry out a property check before your insurance company or a salvage agent collects your vehicle. We will remove, log and bag all valuable items, which are then put into our secure property store to await collection. If the property hasn’t been collected within a specified time then the police will dispose.

Our compound opening times

Monday to Thursday (09:00 – 17:00

Friday (09:00 – 15:00)

The compound is closed on weekends, bank holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

For all vehicle recovery enquiries –

For all vehicle storage/compound enquiries –

Light Recovery

Heavy Recovery

Air Cushion Recovery

Some of our Fleet

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